About the Band- The Vitals

The Vitals aim to leave no creative stone unturned, always striving to explore new sonic realms by drawing on experience spanning many genres and generations. We define our style as Roots Rock, a brand of music that strives to strike a familiar nerve with a unique blend of sounds drawn from traditional roots.

Spearheaded by the songwriting efforts of Grant Bennion, The Vitals rhythm section is steeped in decades of experience playing the blues, jazz, funk, reggae and country rock. Versatility is a luxury in the studio where Tom Krug can pick up the stand up bass when the mood strikes and Anthony Perry can choose from a mountain of drum kits, congas, and spoons.  His son Vito Perry wears many hats, including his signature guitar solos, songwriting capabilities and recording engineering/production skills. Matt Wigdahl colors the sound with broad strokes by interweaving the many keys of his piano, organs and vintage clavinet.

Band Members

Grant Bennion - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Violin

Vito Perry - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Matt Wigdahl - Organ, Piano, Clavinet, Vocals

Tom Krug - Bass, Vocals

Anthony Perry - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

The Vitals Band
In the Studio