The UMFA is temporarily closed for remodeling and will reopen August 26, 2017.
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K-12 School Programs

Creativity in Focus film screenings and ARTLandish programming continue in the Katherine W. and Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Auditorium while Museum galleries remain temporarily closed for reinstallation. Galleries reopen to the public the weekend of August 26.


UMFA educator in pARTners classroom

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts' statewide school programs include K–12 group tours, pARTners tours for fourth-grade students in the Salt Lake City School District, Museum in the Classroom, Traveling Museum Project, Explore Spiral Jetty, Art History Classroom Connections, Education Collection, Teacher Professional Development Workshops, and UMFA exhibits created specifically for public school audiences.



The pARTners program brings every fourth-grade student in the Salt Lake City School District to the UMFA twice each year. Museum visits are supplemented with teacher resources and pre- and post-visit classroom curriculum. Each pARTners semester connects current Museum exhibitions to core-linked curriculum using question-based, experiential tours and in-classroom experiences.

pARTners is one of the UMFA's longest-running outreach programs and has been an integral part of the curriculum in the Salt Lake City School District for over thirty years. Fourth-grade students in the district experience UMFA's world-class collection in an intimate, personalized setting. The goal of pARTners is to provide valuable arts learning experiences that foster visual literary, critical thinking, and effective communication. Students explore the Museum's diverse collections during two visits, once during fall and again in the winter school term. The program draws connections between the art on view, Utah Core Standards, and personal experiences.

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UMFA outreach educators bring authentic art objects and hands-on experiences to classrooms across the state of Utah, teaching fine art and cross-disciplinary lessons.

  • During exciting hands-on presentations students examine and discuss authentic art objects from the UMFA's education collection.
  • UMFA educators use art objects from around the world to facilitate a thematic conversation encouraging diverse, global perspectives.
  • Presentations and activities connect to the Utah Core Standards on grade-appropriate level.

Current Presentations

Museum in the Classroom: Tribes of Utah
Tribes of Utah explores the importance of family traditions and how traditional arts are passed down through members of a cultural community. Students learn about traditional art forms created by living artists from Utah tribes examining the materials, techniques, and purpose of these traditional objects. This presentation is geared toward the Utah fourth-grade Core Standards and can be used to introduce the Tribes of Utah or deepen the educational experience.

Museum in the Classroom: Ancient Egypt
Students examine art objects representing ancient Egypt and discuss how this civilization's artistic, cultural, and technological achievements were inspired by natural forces and Egypt's unique geography. 

Museum in the Classroom: Native Peoples of North & South America
Students discuss ancestry and the importance of cultural heritage. This presentation emphasizes the diversity of Indian cultures in the Americas and introduces students to the following cultures/communities: Inuit, Chippewa Tribe, Sioux Tribe, Paiute Tribe, Tewa Tribe, Hopi Tribe, Nahua, Huichol, Maya and Quechua. This presentation addresses the Utah Social Studies Core Curriculum for third grade (Standard II-Objective 2-Indicators A & C).

Museum in the Classroom: Printmaking
The Printmaking presentation introduces teachers and students to the joys of relief printing. UMFA educators facilitate an object-based discussion and provide hands-on experience working with the materials necessary to create original artworks using a unique medium. Each participating school receives a Museum in the Classroom: Printmaking classroom box at the end of the presentation containing core-based lesson plans, reproductions of artworks, original artworks, quality art-making tools, and consumable art supplies. This presentation can be adapted for any grade level.

Click here to schedule a presentation, call 801.585.0014, or email



The UMFA's Museum-in-Residence program, the Traveling Museum Project, installs temporary exhibitions in schools throughout Utah using objects from the UMFA's Education Collection. Each exhibition is accompanied by art-based in-class presentations and educator professional development workshops using an object-centered approach to explore the role art plays in people's lives across the globe. The program assists in the development of visual literacy, fostering independent learning, and cultivating critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity. Each installation includes:

  • A self-contained exhibition curated around a core-connected theme for installation in a hallway, library, or classroom for several weeks.
  • Object information cards and a self-guided tour of the exhibition.
  • An educator professional development workshop introducing object history and exhibition themes, incorporating object-based learning in classroom instruction, and visual thinking strategies.
  • A curriculum packet and instructional materials to easily apply exhibition content into classroom teaching with a cross-disciplinary approach including modifications for different grade levels.
  • Multiple in-class presentations conducted by UMFA educators that includes discussions, handling authentic art objects, and art-making activities that are integrated with the Utah Core Standards.

To schedule the Traveling Museum Project at your school, click schedule a presentation, call 801.585.5168, or email

Traveling Museum Project






The UMFA is one of two Utah organizations that collaborates with New York-based Dia Art Foundation in the ongoing stewardship of Robert Smithson's Land art masterpiece, Spiral Jetty (1970). Together Dia works with the UMFA and Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College to ensure the artwork's concerns and needs are met, as well as educate and to provide access to the iconic work to students and teachers across Utah.    

Program Highlights!

  • STEAM-focused curriculum and teaching resources for K–12 classrooms.
  • Teacher professional development workshops focused on topics related to Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake, and Land art in Utah.
  • Facilitated site visits to and experiences at Spiral Jetty.

For more information about Land art in Utah click here. For more information or to schedule an experience, call 801.585.5168 or email


With a collection that spans more than 5,000 years of human creativity, the UMFA is an ideal asset for students and teachers of art history to experience great works of art in person.

Program Highlights!

  • A comprehensive checklist connecting the UMFA permanent and education collections to the 250 objects on the AP Art History exam.
  • Guided or self-guided tours highlighting works of art on the exam.
  • Site visits to Spiral Jetty.
  • Professional development workshops for all art history teachers.

For more information, call 801.581.8336 or email   



The UMFA Education Collection contains more than 2,000 authentic art objects from around the world that express ideas from a variety of cultures and time periods.

  • Objects can be handled with gloves and used for up-close experiences with arts and cultures.
  • Objects can be loaned to classrooms for up to two weeks for classroom teaching or for use as primary source research materials. Reservations required.
  • Curricula is available featuring Education Collection objects that integrate object-based learning with K–12 classroom instruction, grade modifications, and extensions connected to Utah Core Standards.
  • Coming Soon! Object Project—a curated collection of objects connected to core learning to be checked out and used in the classroom.    

For more information, call 801.585.5168 or email



All UMFA teacher professional development opportunities introduce teachers of all age groups and disciplines to learn object-based, dialogical teaching strategies. Free resources are provided for easy, cross-curricular implementation. Teacher benefits include:

  • Re-licensure/renewal points at every professional development workshop.
  • On the Wall e-newsletter with information specifically for teachers. If you're not on our email list, sign up today!
  • Digital lesson plans for classroom implementation. Click here for lesson plans from previous workshops.
  • Discounted Education Memberships to the UMFA.

Professional Development Highlights!

  • Free Evening for Educators professional development workshops at the UMFA use art to explore cross-curricular themes in the classroom.
  • Open houses for teachers and their families provide free entrance to the Museum and fun art-making activities for the whole family.
  • Promoting pARTnerships! professional development meet and greets for fourth-grade teachers in Salt Lake City School District introduce this specialized group of teachers to the pARTners curriculum and provide pre- and post- visit lesson plans and supplies.
  • Professional development workshops to provide resources for schools hosting the Traveling Museum Project.
  • Education and art education students are welcome at any public teacher professional development program.


Discover new ideas and ignite curiosity through a guided or self-guided tour of the UMFA temporary exhibitions and permanent collection galleries representing 5,000 years of human creativity. For more information click on Group Visits or call 801.581.3580.

Tour Program Highlight!
Touch Tours

People with visual impairments can experience the beauty and importance of art through the UMFA touch tours. Each tour is guided by a trained docent and allows the visitor to touch designated sculptures with gloves. Tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

For more information click Group Visits or call 801.581.3580. 


pARTners 2017 | Careers in Art
Click here to view mini gallery exhibitions of student artwork created and curated by fourth-grade students in the Salt Lake City School District. 

4th-grade student artwork



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UMFA school outreach is funded by the Utah State Office of Education Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools (POPS). 

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